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Zorro - the Legend Continues!

Henry is the only actor ever to be featured in three modern versions of "Zorro". The photos here are from "Zorro & Son", which aired in 1983 for five episodes, and "Zorro", which ran for three seasons from 1991 to 1993. The third series was Filmation's animated half-hour show, "Zorro", which aired in the early 1990's.


~ 1983 TV Guide promo and an unmasked Zorro! ~


These are two promo photos from New World International's "Zorro", which aired on the Family Channel. The one on the left is for the second season and the one on the right is for the third season. The series was filmed on location in Spain, and Henry lived there for three years. You can see additional photos from this series in the next photo gallery.


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