That Certain Cervantes

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Now a two-character play by Harry Cason...

On a crisp blue morning in 1614 a man in an attic is grappling with his fate -- soon he'll be grappling with is wife as well. As Cervantes awaits the arrival of a royal Emissary and the promise of great riches, he "rehearses" the events of his fantastic life. Catalina, his wife is there, too, to encourage and correct...together they do hilarious battle against their own memories, hopes and dreams. They even tackle the roles of a proud Don Quixote and a very reluctant, skirt-wearing Sancho Panza.

Henry and his wife, Lauren, will be the two stars of the show -- he playing Cervantes and Don Quixote, while she portrays Catalina, the Emissary, Dulcinea, Marcela and Sancho Panza.

Here are some photos of Henry and Lauren in costume for their roles.




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