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Although Henry is probably best known for his years on "The High Chaparral", and the hundreds of TV episode appearances, he's been seen in theaters as well. Through the years, he's co-starred with some very well-known actors: Clifton Webb in "Holiday for Lovers", Robert Duvall in "Badge 373", Tom Cruise (before he became a household name) in "Losin' It", Brian Dennehy in "The Last of the Finest", Bob Hope in "Cancel My Reservation", Art Carney in "St. Helens", Rutger Hauer in "The Hitcher", Mel Gibson in "Maverick", and Gene Hackman in "The Runaway Jury". In addition to his theater movie roles, he has also been in numerous TV/cable movies and miniseries, among them: "Aloha Means Goodbye" with Sally Struthers, "Brock's Last Case" with Richard Widmark, the epic miniseries "Centennial", "Born to the Wind" with A Martinez and Ned Romero, "Attica" with Anthony Zerbe, and "American Family" with Edward James Olmos.


Hearing Voices?

Have you ever listened to a commercial and thought the voice sounded familiar? How about a video game character? Or a PBS documentary? Henry has performed behind the scenes as well, providing voice-overs and narration. He's worked on such diverse projects as beer commercials, providing the voice for a cartoon Zorro, narrating the PBS documentary "Cesar Chavez: The Fight in the Fields", and given personality to the video game detective Sonny Fletcher in "Tex Murphy: Overseer", to name just a few. In February 2002, Henry lent his voice to Mr. Santana, an old cowboy with heart problems, on the BBC Radio 4 drama "The Blood of Strangers". The play wasn't as gruesome as the title suggests -- it was about a young doctor working in a high-pressure emergency room in New Mexico.

A click on the microphone will take you to a behind-the-scenes site about "The Fight in the Fields".

Live Theatre

Henry's roles haven't been confined to television and movie screens. He has appeared in many stage plays -- Hedda Gabler, Othello, La Historia, The Wonderful Ice Cream Suit, Corridos, and The Rainmaker, to name just a few. The Wonderful Ice Cream Suit, by Ray Bradbury, is the play that David Dortort saw him in, and later thought of Henry when he was casting "The High Chaparral".

This photo is from "Quiet Love", a play Henry performed in several years ago. He has also presented his own one-man play about Miguel Cervantes, the author of Don Quixote -- once in a field of hay in a small city in Utah! He performed "Cervantes" in Southern California during the fall of 2001, and most recently, did a dramatic reading of "That Certain Cervantes" in Wilmington, North Carolina. Click on the theatre graphic to see the reviews of his play. He is currently working on converting his one-man show to a two-person show, featuring his wife, Lauren Levian, in a number of roles. To see photos of Henry and Lauren in their costumes from the play, click here .

Check out the Live & On-Stage Photo Gallery to see some of Henry's earlier on-stage roles.








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