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Some people call them "classic quotes", but since all of these quotes have something to do with the rascally Manolito of The High Chaparral, we'll call them "Manolito-isms"! Some of them are funny, some of them are serious, some are things he said and others are what people said about  him. See if you can remember these from various High Chaparral  episodes. 

This collection will be growing in the future, and please feel free to send in your own favorites if they're not shown by clicking here .

"First, let me tell you about a certain peculiarity of my own. I have something wrong with my hearing. Never in my whole life have I heard a woman say 'no' to me. I simply cannot hear that word."

~~Mano to Countess Maria von Munchen in "Once on a Day in Spring"~~

"I am not a good man, I am a very bad man. And un gran idiota."

~~Mano to everyone in the cantina in "The Glory Soldiers"~~

"Your hair. It is a blaze of fire. It makes the light from the door superfluous."

~~Mano to Melanie Cawthorne in "The Widow from Red Rock"~~

Blue: "Hey, Sam. Did you see the way that girl looked at Manolito?"

Sam: "Yeah. They all look at him that way."

~~"The Firing Wall"~~

"I do not chase women. I beckon them and they follow."

           ~~Mano in "Generation"~~

"If he hurts her, the first bullet will be for him, the second for you."

~~Mano to John Cannon in "The Ghost of the Chaparral"~~


Mano: "Hombre, no. I mean when you ease your body into a tub of hot water, use lots of soap. You work up a lather. Then you scrub, amigo, scrub with a brush so stiff that it washes away the sins from your soul."

Buck: "Mano, you do that a lot?"

Mano: "Once a month."

Buck: "Once a month?"

Mano: "Whether I need it or not."

~~"Friends and Partners"~~

"You think you are the Great Patron of the desert?"

~~Mano to Blue in "Too Many Chiefs"~~

Blue: "Don Sebastian! You gotta come quick! Mano is in bad trouble!"

Don Sebastian: "The sun is also shining."

~~"The Firing Wall"~~

"That Mano is the only guy I know that can fall into a gully full of rocks and come out with a gold nugget."

        ~~ Sam to Joe in "The Deceivers"~~

Buck: "Mano, are you asleep?"

Mano: "Yes."

~~"Friends and Partners"~~

"To steal a man's woman, that is one thing, but to steal a man's job, that is treachery beyond belief."

~~Mano to Melanie Cawthorne in "The Widow from Red Rock"~~

Buck: "I told you not to wear them boots---those low-cuts!"

Mano: "I've always had a weakness for style over practicality."

~~"A Joyful Noise"~~

"I have come to cheat the hangman."

~~Mano to Santos in "The Terrorist"~~

Buck: "You know, that old fence gate's goin' to hold up pretty good, I mean pretty good." (He and Mano lean against it, only to fall on their faces.)

Mano: "You know something? Your gate needs a few more nails, amigo."

~~"Friends and Partners"~~

"I pass my turn. You two have used up all the good rocks."

~~Mano to Blue in "Wind"~~

"He is a wild one, this one. Someday, someone will kill him for that. Perhaps it will be me."

           ~~Don Sebastian speaking of Manolito in "The Arrangement"~~

"It is money I have saved from my father for -- how do you say? -- a rainy day. And when you decided to get yourself killed -- well, for me that is a rainy day."

           ~~Mano to Buck in "Ride the Savage Land"~~

Mano:    "You know, Blue, we have the same problem, you and me."

Blue:       "We have?"

Mano:    "Sure. Our fathers -- yours and mine. We are children to them. They are giants."

            ~~"Young Blood"~~

"Mr. Cannon, I do not know if you are a fool. But if you are a fool, you are a magnificent fool."

            ~~Mano to John in "Mark of the Turtle"~~

Don Sebastian to Mano:    "You are an unprincipled, ruthless..."

Mano (interrupting):        "...son of my father?"

            ~~"Young Blood"~~

Padre:    "The Lord works in mysterious ways, doesn't He?"

Mano (realizing his father has snookered them):    "No more mysterious than my father."

            ~~"A Joyful Noise"~~

Mano:    "You know, if you ever would learn to leave things to me, these circumstances would not get out of control, Papa."

Don Sebastian:    "If I should leave these things to you for just one day, you would be shot. Then my life would be simpler."

            ~~"The Firing Wall"~~

Don Sebastian:    "You are lying."

Mano:    "Why should I lie, Papa?"

Don Sebastian:     "Because you are my son."

            ~~"Young Blood"~~

"I see the one who does not want to kiss pigs has no feelings where dogs are concerned."

            ~~El Lobo to Mano about the bar girl who is kissing Mano in "The Glory Soldiers"~~

"Buck, please. You know me. I have such a ...weak character."

            ~~Mano in "The Covey"~~

Blue:        "What do you think he'll do to us?"

Mano:     "Probably hang us."

Blue:        "No, he wouldn't do that. Would he?"

Mano:      "No, probably shoot us."

Blue:        "Well, is there nothing we can do?"

Mano:      "We can shoot ourselves first."

            ~~Speculating about Don Sebastian in "Young Blood"~~

"He is one of my ranch hands. He cleans my stables."

            ~~Mano introducing Buck to a pretty girl in "The Covey"~~

"Well, somebody's gotta save him from hisself!"

              ~~Buck to Victoria in "The Glory Soldiers"~~

Don Sebastian:    "You are a disgrace to the name of Montoya."

Mano:    "You know, my name was yours before I was born. And, by the way, I have heard many stories about you, padre mio."

Don Sebastian:    "In my time, a man was judged by his virtues. I had the common sense to practice my vices in private."

            ~~"The Glory Soldiers"~~

"Never have I been so happy to see your ugly gringo face. How did you come -- by turtle?"

            ~~Mano to Buck in "Ebenezer"~~

"I know you are a man of integrity, but this is different -- this is business."

            ~~Buck to Mano in "A Piece of Land"~~

Don Sebastian:    "Our jokes are not so funny this time. What else is there between us?"

Mano:    "I am the son of my father?"

            ~~"Young Blood"~~

"Better to be a live dog than a dead lion."

            ~~Mano to Blue in "The Time of Your Life"~~

Victoria:    "Manolito, I need some wood for the stove."

Mano:    "I am very happy for you."

            ~~"Auld Lang Syne"

"A dog with a cow's head would not get a friend in as much trouble."

            ~~Mano to Pedro in "To Stand for Something More"~~

"Buck, I have this fire inside of me that will not be quenched until it is cooled by the waters of revenge."

            ~~Mano speaking of Blue in "The Reluctant Deputy"~~

Mano:    "Tell me. What kind of many would be around this country?"

Buck:    "You mean besides us?"

Mano:    "Of course, besides us."

            ~~"No Trouble at All"~~

"I only donate to charities, gracias."

            ~~Mano to the other poker players, Buck, Pedro and Joe in "Generation"~~

"Because John Cannon is not just your father, nor just the husband of my sister. He is a man in charge of his business, which is the High Chaparral -- and we are part of that."

            ~~Mano to Blue in "To Stand for Something More"~~

"He is only a fool, Diego, and he will die like a fool soon enough.  But you, Mano, will die now by your own mouth if you open it again."

            ~~Francisco to Mano in "An Anger Greater Than Mine"~~

"Victoria, there is one good thing to say about work, perhaps. It is the rest that comes after."

            ~~Mano to Victoria in "A Matter of Vengeance"~~

"To have such a father, John, is a heavy burden. It will probably do no good, but I will talk to him."

            ~~Mano to John about Don Sebastian in "An Anger Greater Than Mine"~~

"You may  not have wanted all this, but you have it now! How dare you allow the Montoya name to be dragged in the dust?"

            ~~Mano to Don Domingo in "The New Lion of Sonora"~~

Mano:    "You know, of the two of us, you have been the stronger."

Victoria:    "If that is true it is because yours is the heavier burden."

            ~~"The New Lion of Sonora"~~


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