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Most of us are familiar with Henry's roles in television and the movies, but he's been performing live and on-stage for many years. Here are some photos, introductions and reviews from three of his earliest stage performances.


Henry's face may be concealed behind a big, bushy beard, but the dimples are unmistakable in this picture from a 1963 appearance in the Equity Library Theatre West presentation of a play entitled "The Alchemist".






These two photos are from the New Hampshire Playhouse presentation of "Nathan the Wise", in which Henry portrayed a Knight Templar. This is what the program said about him:

"HENRY DELGADO (Templar) has the distinction of being the first exchange student in Drama to come to the United States. A native of Puerto Rico, he is one of the best-known young actors on stage and television in that country. On WKAQ-TV, Mr. Delgado appeared in his own dramatic show and as the lead in a half-hour live series, '7 Stairs Up', while his half a hundred stage appearances at the University of Puerto Rico and 20 Player's Group have included the hit show 'Mr. Roberts', which toured the Army and Navy installations in the Caribbean. His American training in dramatic arts has been in Wesley, Conn., Pasadena Playhouse, as John Hartrick in 'The Tormented' at the Los Palmas and his present role here at the New Hampshire Playhouse".

If these pictures are any indication, Henry was playing the "ladies' man" long before he even heard of Manolito Montoya!



The picture on the left is what Henry looked like before he donned his makeup and costume as Iago in the Theatre by the Sea presentation of Shakespeare's Othello. His performance was well-received, as indicated by the reviews:

"Henry Delgado...makes Iago almost the star of the show with a light, off-hand kind of villainy that made his evil charming...Delgado performed with ease and perception."

"The most telling scenes were those between Delgado and Marshall (Othello)."

"The scene in which Iago plants, nurtures, and brings to blossom jealousy in the newly-wed husband is well done...Henry Delgado was very promising."

"Mr. Delgado, in the role of Iago...played the villain in a casual off-hand manner that made his poisoning of Othello's mind more convincing and frightening than if he had underscored the evil."


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