The High Chaparral Cast

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Members of the Cast

The members of "The High Chaparral" cast came from vast and varied backgrounds. Some were familiar faces from television and movies, while others were not-so-familiars who will be forever remembered as the Chaparral characters they brought to life. "The High Chaparral" was an innovative program in that it used actors who were actually Latino or Native American to play ethnic roles. In addition, several of the "bunkhouse boys" were stunt men as well as actors, lending great authenticity to the action scenes. The location was real, too -- Tucson, Arizona -- complete with cactus, heat and ever-present dust. The ranch was fictitious and so was the family, but the talented actors and actresses made it seem so real that we still discuss their adventures as though they really existed -- 30 years after the series first premiered!

TOP ROW, l. to r. -

Robert Hoy, Don Collier, Ted Markland


MIDDLE ROW, l. to r. - 

Mark Slade, Linda Cristal, Leif Erickson, Cameron Mitchell, Henry Darrow


BOTTOM ROW, l. to r. - 

Rodolfo Acosta, Roberto Contreras, Jerry Summers






Photos of The Cannon Family

The Cannon Family Photo Gallery II 

Photos of The Bunkhouse Boys

Listing of The High Chaparral Episodes


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