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Series Episode Date
Airwolf One-Way Express 2/18/84
American Family Mexican Revolution 5/1/02
American Family The Journey, Parts 1 and 2 8/28 & 9/4/02
American Playhouse Seguin (with Bob Viharo) 1/26/82
Babylon-5 The Illusion of Truth 2/17/97
Baretta The Ninja 9/22/76
Bearcats! Ground Loop at Spanish Wells 9/23/71
Bearcats! The Return of Estaban 12/23/71
The Bionic Woman Deadly Music 2/18/78
B.J. & The Bear Seven Lady Captives 3/24/81
The Bold & the Beautiful   2001
The Bold Ones: The Doctors The Night Crawler 1/16/73
Bonanza Amigo (with Gregory Walcott) 2/12/67
Cassie & Co. Episode #5 - title unknown 6/15/82
Chase Vacation for a President (with Mitch Ryan) 2/6/74
Cover-Up Sudden Exposure (with Clu Gulager) 10/20/84
Crystal Empire   1995
Dallas The Sting 3/11/83
Dallas Hell Hath No Fury 3/18/83
Daniel Boone Take the Southbound Stage 4/6/67
Diagnosis Murder You Bet Your Life 2/16/01
Dick Clarks' Bloopers & Practical Jokes    
Dynasty Acapulco 12/01/82
Easy Street    
Enos Horse Cops 1/28/81
The Fall Guy Rabbits Feet (with Louis Contreras) 1/25/84
Family Law Echoes 11/27/00
The F.B.I. Canyon of No Return (with Albert Salmi) 11/26/72
Frontier Judge    
General Hospital   1963, 1982, 1987
The Golden Girls The President's Coming! The President's Coming! (I & II) 5/05/90, 5/12/90
The Golden Girls Yes, We Have No Havanas 10/7/88
Gunsmoke The Hanging 12/31/66
Gunsmoke Ladies from St. Louis 3/25/67
Harry O Series Regular 9/74-2/75
Harry O Gertrude 9/12/74
Harry O The Admiral's Lady (with Leif Erickson) 9/19/74
Harry O Guardian at the Gates (with Barry Sullivan) 9/26/74
Harry O Mortal Sin 10/3/74
Harry O Coinage of the Realm 10/10/74
Harry O Shadows at Noon 10/24/74
Harry O Ballinger's Choice 10/31/74
Harry O Second Sight 11/7/74
Harry O Material Witness 11/14/74
Harry O 40 Reasons to Kill (with Ned Romero) 12/5-12/12/74
Harry O Accounts Balanced 12/26/74
Harry O Eyewitness 1/2/75
Harry O Elegy for a Cop (with Rodolfo Hoyos & Anthony Zerbe) 2/27/75
Hart to Hart Passport to Murder 10/13/79
Hart to Hart Chamber of Lost Harts 2/1/83
Hawaii Five-0 Loose Ends Get Hit 1/8/76
Hawaii Five-0 No Bottles, No Cans, No People 9/21/77
Hawaii Five-0 The Cop on the Cover 9/29/77
The High Chaparral Series Regular 9/67-3/71
Incredible Hulk Sanctuary 11/6/81
The Invisible Man Series Regular 9/75-1/76
Iron Horse Cougar Man (with Rodolfo Acosta & Morgan Woodward) 10/24/66
Jackpot Bingo    
Jennifer Slept Here   1983
Jigsaw John Homicide is a Fine Art 5/31/76
Just Shoot Me! The Burning House 4/18/02
Kingston: Confidential Monolith 7/6/77
Knight Rider Knight of a Thousand Devils 2/7/86
Kojak Before the Devil Knows 2/24/74
Kung Fu The Brujo 10/25/73
Magnum, p.i. Paniolo 11/7/85
The Man & The City The Handwriting on the Door 10/27/71
McMillan & Wife Requiem for a Bride (with Geraldine Brooks) 10/26/75
Me & Mom Series Regular 4/5-5/17/85
Mission: Impossible The Blast 1/30/71
The Mod Squad No More Oak Leaves for Ernie Holland (with Robert Pine) 2/1/72
The New Dick Van Dyke Show Series Regular 9/73-9/74
Night Gallery Cool Air 12/8/71
Night Man I Left My Heart 10/19/97
Nurses Nothin' Says Lovin' 3/12/94
Nurses Silent Partner 4/9/94
One Life to Live    
One Tree Hill The Lonesome Road 4/26/05
One Tree Hill I'm Wide Awake, It's Morning 5/03/05
Police Woman The Inside Connection (with Fernando Lamas) 11/22/77
Quincy, m.e. Go Fight City Hall...to the Death (with Woodrow Palfrey) 10/3/76
Quincy, m.e. Scream to the Skies 2/11/81
Quincy, m.e. Into the Murdering Mind 2/10/82
Resurrection Boulevard La Visita 1/08/01
Santa Barbara Series Regular 1984
Sara   3/19/76
Scarecrow & Mrs. King If Thoughts Could Kill 10/17/83
Scarecrow & Mrs. King Remembrance of Things Past 1/9/84
Secrets of Midland Heights Chapter 6: The Race 1/10/81
Silk Stalkings Jasmine 1/7/93
Simon & Simon Love, Christy 12/1/84
Simon & Simon Nuevo Salvador  
Sisters Enchanted May 5/5/95
The Six Million Dollar Man The Vulture of the Andes (with Barbara Luna) 11/21/76
Star Trek: The Next Generation Conspiracy 5/7/88
Star Trek: Voyager Tattoo 11/6/95
Star Trek: Voyager The Basics - Part I 5/13/96
Stoney Burke Point of Entry (credit as Henry Delgado) 3/4/63
Streets of San Francisco Alien Country 3/11/76
Tales of the Golden Monkey Last Chance Louie 3/11/83
Tarzan/Lone Ranger/Zorro Adventure Hour (cartoon series) 9/81-9/82
T.H.E. Cat To Bell the Cat (with Robert Loggia) 11/25/66
T.H.E. Cat Design for Death (with Joanna Moore) 2/10/67
This is the Life   1983
Time Trax A Stranger in Time (series premier) 1/18/93
Time Trax To Kill a Billionaire 2/1/93
T.J. Hooker A Cry for Help 11/27/82
T.J. Hooker A Child is Missing 11/12/83
T.J. Hooker Blood Sport 5/21/86
Trauma Center    
Vega$ The Visitor (aka An Eastern Princess) 5/9/79
Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea The Mist of Silence (credit as Henry Delgado) 10/5/64
The Waltons The Starlet 10/18/79
Wagon Train The Stagecoach Story (Henry Delgado) 9/30/59
When the West Was Fun (with Linda Cristal) 6/5/79
The Wild, Wild West Night of the Tottering Tontine 1/6/67
Wonder Woman The Bushwhackers (with Roy Rogers) 1/29/77
Wonder Woman I Do, I Do 11/11/77
Zorro (Family Channel) Series Regular 1991-1993
Zorro & Son (Disney) Series Regular 4/6-6/22/83


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