Good Guy, Bad Guy

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Cops and Crooks

"I am not a good man, I am a very bad man...". This is a line spoken by Henry's character, Manolito in a scene from The High Chaparral episode entitled "The Glory Soldiers". Of course, his fans know that Manolito was, in fact, a rather good man, but that wasn't always true of the other characters that Henry portrayed. He appeared in many episodes of law enforcement and detective dramas through the years, in addition to being a series regular on Harry O. He made guest appearances on Baretta, The F.B.I., Hart to Hart (twice), Hawaii Five-0 (three times), Kojak, Magnum p.i., McMillan & Wife, Mission Impossible, The Mod Squad, Police Woman, Quincy m.e. (three times), Scarecrow & Mrs. King (twice), Silk, Simon & Simon (twice), Streets of San Francisco, T.H.E. Cat, T.J. Hooker (three times), and Vega$.

A French detective searching for the murderer of his bride, a sinister "boy toy" for a rich woman, an activist for airline safety, a South American mafia boss, a dealer in antiquities, a smuggler of illegal aliens, an innocent man protecting his wife, a corrupt Mexican chief of police -- Henry has played all these and more. It's a tribute to his versatility as an actor that we find him so believable as so many different characters -- and enjoy his "bad" guys as much as his "good" guys. Either way, he always does justice to his roles!

No detective work is required for you to see photos of Henry in his "good guy, bad guy" appearances. Just check out the the first Good Guy, Bad Guy Photo Gallery. More photo galleries will be coming in the future.



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