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Henry was showing up in episodes of popular television series before he became familiar to everyone as Manolito on The High Chaparral. Here's a sampling of some of his early roles, including those where he wasn't Henry DARROW yet!

Henry says that he played a lot of border guards and bus drivers through the years. Here's a shot of his "Stoney Burke" appearance in March of 1963 -- playing a border guard in the sights of an assassin's rifle. He was credited as Henry Delgado.





These two photos are from a 1964 episode of Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea entitled "The Mist of Silence". Henry played a character named Captain Sierra and was still known as Henry Delgado in the credits. 




Although he played a lovable character in The High Chaparral, Henry has played his share of "bad guys". This is from a March 1967 episode of Gunsmoke, "Ladies from St. Louis". His role was that of Ross Segurra, a man on the run from the law -- a man who was even willing to shoot nuns to get what he wanted!




In an earlier Gunsmoke appearance, Henry portrayed a much more sympathetic person. In the December 1966 episode, "The Hanging", he was Oro, a loving husband and father forced to act as hangman to feed his family.






Continuing his "Western" trend, Henry appeared on the popular Wild, Wild West  in January of 1967. In "The Night of the Tottering Tontine", he was the happy-go-lucky -- in spite of his abdication -- Archduke Maurice of Moldafia!


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