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Aloha, Henry

From a cowboy in Old Tucson to a cowboy in modern-day Hawaii -- Henry made the transition with little effort. He guest-starred in an episode of magnum p.i. entitled "Paniolo" (Hawaiian for cowboy). His character, Will was a basically good man doing bad things for good reasons. Another veteran Western actor, Doug McClure, guested in the episode as well.


The magnum p.i. role wasn't the first to require Henry's presence in paradise. Years earlier, he appeared in not one, but three separate episodes of the popular Hawaii Five-0. In "Loose Ends Get Hit", he played Billy Madrid, an informant hiding from local mobsters. In "No Bottles, No Cans, No People", he portrayed Johnny Oporta, a sleazy hood with big plans. His third Hawaii Five-0 role was tamer -- businessman Stewart Longworth, whose children had been kidnapped.



In addition to the appearances on regular series, Henry also made a TV   movie in Hawaii -- "Aloha Means Good-Bye", with Sally Struthers.


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